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Academic proofreading, thesis proofreading, dissertation proofreading


Prices for academic proofreading


My student rates are £10 per thousand words (this is a discount for full-time/unwaged students only. Those in receipt of a salary are eligible for my full rate of £13 per thousand words). I offer discounts for documents over 15,000 words.

I charge according to the length of your work, not by the hour. The main advantage of this is that I am able to give you a definite price for your work as soon as I receive it. This is a final price, not an estimate, and I guarantee that it will not go up even if heavy editing is required. Furthermore, you are not expected to pay for proofreading in advance: you pay me only when your work has been returned to you and you are satisfied.

I will check the formatting of bibliographies as part of the standard fee of £10 per thousand words but there is a discretionary charge of £5 per page for complete reformatting.

I reserve the right to charge a deposit for documents over 40,000 words. There is a £20 cancellation fee for advance bookings that are cancelled with less than two working days' notice. I reserve the right to charge the full fee for documents cancelled at less than 24 hours' notice.

I accept payment in the form of bank transfers or PayPal secure credit card processing. I will provide all payment details when I return your work.


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